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Tourists Coming Off Plane

Shopping For Dishdashas Darth Vader’s Wife Shopping Ivan Back At Home Wearing His Stuff

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Pretty Kuwaiti Houses

City Views City Spires from Up Close Way Above Kuwait City Hope You Enjoyed The Tour!!!…

Moscow — September 1997… Page 1 of 3

Tretyakov Museum of Russian Art — reopened after 7 year renovation. Inside a typical metro station. Beautifully landscaped and maintained public garden with working fountain, at this point typical. Notice new street signs; TGIF restaurant (notice sign inside doorway) and Russia movie theater marquee on left side of building.…

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Spruced-up metro stations and more permanent-like kiosks. This is a big change from my last visit in 1992. Entrance to GUM Department Store off Red Square; Christian Dior at the entrance. In 1992, GUM was a big place with stalls selling nothing.…

Moscow Tour Page 3 of 3

More festival banners and new buildings with modern architecture. Russian flags and workers putting fresh paint everywhere. Off to work in a residential area — bus stop, watermelon stand, old-style building. McDonalds outdoor eating area on Pushkin Square. Cool cars and commercialized buses.…

Beirut City Tour Page 2 of 2

Mansion overlooking sea in Junia section of Beirut. Jounieh suburb shoreline; a view to match Rio de Janiero. This photo provided courtesy of Lebanese consulate who hand-delivered it; my camera malfunctioned but I thought you should be able to get a sense of the view.…
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