Photo Gallery

Australia Visit June 2004: Also Legoland, California.


Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada: September 2003

Wrigley Tower Aerial in the vicinity. View from my hotel room at Fairmont Waterfront hotel. At the cruise ship port. View from atop the Harbour Centre observation deck. Lots of this blue glass all over the city’s buildings. Capilano Suspension Bridge and park.…

Malta: September 2003

The bus fleet. Aerial view of ragged coastline Aerial of capital of Valletta Walls of the old city area. New wine in an old bottle: Internet Phone booth. Monument of FDR thanking Maltese for WW II help in saving mankind. Views in the city.…

Rome September 2003

Coliseum From rooftop of Grand Hotel Minerva Trevor Fountain Spanish Steps View from top of the steps Coliseum Interior of Coliseum Interior of Coliseum Arch of Constantinople outside the Coliseum Arch of Titus Arch of Titus Circus Massimo Interesting church near Circus Massimo Piazza Venezia Views of Rome from a balloon above Villa Borghese gardens Pretty homes and estates in a Rome neighborhood.…

St. Petersburg, Russia

The Strelka. Aerial view of large housing complexes ringing the city. St. Isaac’s Cathedral. One of the main basilicas. Two babuskas in a park. Notice the grass isn’t cut. Stores in Nevsky Prospect now have merchandise to buy. A view along the canal.…

Budapest: Jewish Sites

Restored Mamila Section in the shopping arcade

Moscow July 2003

1074 New Housing Construction The Kremlin and Cathedral Red Square GUM Department Store Lenin Museum off Red Square Manezh Square Lines of people trying to get into Red Square (closed due to alert). Rossiya Hotel — known to be the hotel from hell.…

Munich, Germany

Bella Pais Monastery City Hall Detail in clock of city hall. A church in the old town. Another church. Different style. Botanical gardens. Site of Munich synagogue, destroyed in 1938. The whole site sits empty now. Big beerhouse. 5 big rooms filled with people and a band.…

Newport, Rhode Island Photos Fourth of July Weekend 2003

A stroll in the backyard of the Breakers. 
How many Manhattan brownstones could fit here? View from the sea. A house built on a rock in the harbour. Fourth of July scenes at the harbour-front viewed from our table at Le Bistro restaurant at Bowen’s Wharf. Along the cliff walk. A mansion viewed from the cliff walk next door to the Breakers.…

Ivan Ciment’s Family: Photos June 2003 Jason’s Kids with IC & Grandparents in LA; Visit with Aunt Fay


Ivan Ciment’s Family: Photos June 2003 Jason’s Kids with IC & Grandparents in LA; Visit with Aunt Fay Coming Later this Summer: Avi’s Kids in the Catskills (no current photos)

Fay examining engagement ring. Jason’s Three Daughters: Lena, Rebecca and Raquel.…
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