Travel Notes & Collages

Fall 2000 Tour — Paris

A familiar site. At the Louvre. Rules posted at entrance to a park. Tons of small print. A pretty garden in full bloom. A courtyard designed I think as a maze of soccer balls. Nicholas and I at the Opera. A couple enjoying the rooftop view from atop Galleries Lafayette.… Continue Reading →

Fall Tour 2000 — Istanbul 1 of 2

Dolmahbache Palace. A grand stairway in the palace. An entranceway. In the gardens; my guide Neslihan. Hagia Sophia Mosque and Cathedral. Sultanahmet (“Blue”) Mosque. A landmark in the old city area. Enormity of scaffolding inside the Haja Sofia Cathedral.

Click here to finish Istanbul and continue briefly to Athens and Cyprus.Continue Reading →

Fall Tour 2000 — Istanbul 2 of 2, Athens & Limasol, Cyprus

Pool area of the Ciragan Palace Hotel. Maritime and Military Shipping. The Istanbul skyline from the Asian side. Overlooking the Ciragan Palace with the Bridge to the Asian side. Looks like ‘Frisco? The Turkish carpet I wanted to buy. $900 including shipping.… Continue Reading →

Fall Tour 2000 — Fontainbleau, France & Zurich

The castle at Fontainbleau. Girl with big camera taking picture at castle entrance. The gardens. National Museum in Zurich. Swiss colleague Chris in fine form on a nice sunny day.

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Fall Tour 2000 — Damascus, Syria 2 of 2

The Omayyad Mosque entranceway. Toward the covered market from the entrance to the Mosque. Inside the courtyard of the mosque. A Christian shrine inside the mosque. The ballroom at the Cham Palace Hotel. Notice the portraits. Entrance to the covered bazaar.… Continue Reading →

Fall Tour 2000 — Damascus, Syria 1 of 2

Aerial view of city from mountain overlook. Another view of a city neighborhood. Architecture tour begins. A government building. Notice Assad’s portrait. Another example of architecture. Another ministry. Seems very similar to Cairo. Street scene from atop an intersection. A more busy street leading to the covered market.… Continue Reading →

Fall Tour 2000 — Bosra, Syria and Brief Stop in Amman

The amphitheater at Bosra. Partial view of the stage and the audience. Now full view of the audience from the stage. A main market street in the ancient Roman city of Bosra. Closer look at the structures along that street. Colleague Ayman at a hi-tech exhibition in Amman.… Continue Reading →

Fall Tour 2000 — Beirut Revisited

Aerial view of downtown. Compare it with 1997 view and figure what’s changed. To get to 1997 photo collage, click on Travel Notes and Collages above. Restored government building in center city. Restoration district in center city; Parliament buildings. Colleague Amine in the restoration district.… Continue Reading →

Fall Tour 2000 — Rome & Madrid

Hotel Aventino gardens in San Anselmo district. San Anselmo area homes and trees. Piazaa Venezia. Aren’t those the most gorgeous pizzas? I had the one in the middle with the spinach and tomatoes. Madrid now, the final stop. Plaza Mayor (pronounced Platha).… Continue Reading →

Fall Tour 2000 — Tel Aviv & Jerusalem

Aerial view of the southern part of the city facing west from the Intercontinental Hotel near Jaffa. Another aerial view this time looking north along the seashore. Wedding in the atrium lobby of the Intercontinental. At the Western Wall on the eve of Yom Kippur.… Continue Reading →
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