Ciment Family Trip to Israel June 2008 — Videos

Click here for Elizabeth and Jeremy Videos June 2010

Click here for Israel Family Trip 2008 Part 1

Click here for Israel Family Trip 2008 Part 2

Click here for Israel Part 3

Click here for Israel Part 4

Click here for Israel Part 5

If video doesn’t play after clicking above and waiting for a minute or so, see below.

Technical Notes:

To watch videos, you need to have the Windows Media Player on your PC or something that will play a .wmv file.

Click here to Download the Windows Media Player:

If you have Version 10 of the Windows Media Player and you have chosen it to be the Default player of your media files when you installed it, simply clicking on the link will cause the file to play.
If you have Windows Media Player version 8, from the File drop down menu of the Player, go to Open URL, and then type in the file’s location listed, such as and then click OK to run the file. You may have to wait a minute or so for the playback to begin.


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