Elizabeth’s and Jeremy’s Packing List (First, Second and Third Years)

Do you remember when you could easily fit into a small bag?

outerwear for cold climate or airplanes 
Diapers / pullups / panties
A&D butt cream
desotin or triple paste butt cream for rashes
diaper bag
blanket for transit travel
box of ready-made milk for transit travel
bottles, nipples and caps
bottle brush and detergent to clean bottles
sippy cups
tylenol, benadryl and medicine dropper
toothbrush and toothpaste
shampoo, bath soap; bathwater container to pour water on kids
plastic bags to put dirty diapers into
sunscreen and hat
some cheerios or snack and a cup to hold the cheerios
oatmeal packets
hand sanitizer
extra zip loc bags for food storage
toys and books / favorite teddy bear, if applicable
hair brush
first aid supplies
kids’ passports
car music CD’s
DVD’s, player, charger and headphone
baby monitor
car seat 
portable chair for table eating

baby oil
bottle thermos
portable bottle warmer if no kitchen facilities
bath soap and little plastic bowl to put water in during a bath
bath tub for extended visits
gas drops (not after 6 months)
gripe water for newborns
Dreft laundry detergent for babies
burp cloths (not after 6 months)
more pacifiers than you think you need (at least 3) and thing to attach it to baby
rain, sun and windshield for a stroller
baby food
prune juice in case of constipation
wash cloth
crib bumper
bath tub
feeding spoon and fork


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