Ivan’s Indispensable Packing List updated for 2024

Ivan’s Packing List 2024 Version

The number of clothing items you bring depends on the weather and the days between laundries you will need. I tend to pack about 5-7 days worth no matter how long the trip is and I almost always feel that I’ve taken more than I needed.

Formal: Blazer, slacks, tie, belt

Cold: Top shirt, mittens, hat, coat

PJ’s (2 pair pants) and socks, slippers

Underwear, socks and handkerchiefs

One short sleeve shirt; one long sleeve shirt; pants and shorts with zippered pockets, tee shirts

Tefillin and siddur


Face towelettes, eyeglass cleaner and cloth, extra pair eye glasses, sunglasses, extra wrist watch

Paper Towels

Shaver and charging cord with case; AC adapter

Shampoo, Deodorant

Toothbrush and toothpaste

Lip Balm, Dental Floss

Face cleanser scrub and topical

Flonaise and Ear Plane

Desotin, soft toilet paper

Tylenol and Motrin; Rx items for jetlag and cholestrol; Daily supplements; throat lozenges

Nail scissor, BandAids

Wet swimsuit bag; Swimsuit and Goggles

18 inch Foam roller, therra bands for legs and shoulders, foot roller



Cellphone Charger with AC adapter

Daily Newspaper and Magazines and/or Books to Read; Bottle Water, Carry-on Food

Copy of Itinerary; Passport, Boarding Pass

Local Currency

House Keys to get back in


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