Karen & Ivan’s Wedding Highlights and 9 Minute Video — Posted March 2004

Karen Heilig & Ivan Ciment Married at Wyndham Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, 9 November 2003
This page contains photos of the wedding plus links to Karen & Ivan’s Wedding Song Hit Single, the 9 minute highlight video and other special commemorative items.

Now for the 9 minute highlight reel.

In order to better understand the sequence of events in the video, it might be helpful to view the Wedding Program (available in PDF file) that was distributed at the wedding. It is good reading in any event in order to be familiar with the aspects of a wedding done in the Orthodox Jewish tradition and has a beautiful color graphic of the Ketubah, the marriage contract which was made especially for the wedding. Also available on PDF is the Weekend Schedule of Events staged for family and friends — It’s not just a wedding, it’s an Event!

To view the Wedding Program, click here.

To view the Weekend Schedule, click here.

To listen to Karen & Ivan’s Hit Wedding Dance Single that they recorded on CD, click here. Click on Song 1 when you reach the page.

IF YOU HAVE A BROADBAND CONNECTION AND INTERNET EXPLORER BROWSER OR A NEWER VERSION OF NETSCAPE, click on this link to watch the 9 minute highlight reel of the wedding, which was shot on video. When you reach the page this link goes to, Click on the file Ivan.asf to run the file. It will take a minute to start and for the first 10 seconds or so after you complete the download, you will see a still image without action till it starts. You can increase the size of the picture by clicking on the button which is at the bottom right just below the area of the video display and then you can drag the corner of the larger viewing window to whatever size you wish.

IF YOU HAVE A SLOWER CONNECTION, you must download the file and then watch it. To watch it, you must have the Macromedia Flash Player. Go to macromedia.com and install it. It will take about a minute. The file size is 19 megabytes and it will take about a few minutes for the file to download after you click on it before it starts to play. Even with broadband, it will take a minute. After the download is complete, for the first 10 seconds you will see a still image till it starts. The quality is not so good but this is a temporary solultion and we are working on a better quality feed for 56k connections.

To watch the video, click here.

Hope you enjoyed the presentation.


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