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Ivan Ciment’s Shake Hands Tour April/May 1998 Released 27 May 1998 For Kuwait Photos, click here.

On this visit we go to Israel to celebrate its 50th anniversary, Jordan to see the showcase of the Israel-Jordan peace process, Kuwait to find out where all our oil money goes and why we sent our army to this far-flung paradise, and to London to give a fresh look at one of the world’s great cities experiencing a renaissance. … Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Visit To Kuwait — Page 1 of 5 of Photos May 1998 For trip diary, click here.

Suleiman’s Kids Life At Home Nassar and his Panda Bear In-Laws; One is American; One is Native Kuwaiti. Some Kids Having Fun At the Mall Suleiman and His Cool Porsche

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Kuwait Photos Page 2

Inside Some Very Nice Houses in Kuwait

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Kuwait Photos Page 3

Hotel Meridian Center City; Banks Supreme Court Rear View of Parliament Shopping Mall Liberty Tower Some Famous Mosques of Old & Modern Styles

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Kuwait Photos Page 4 of 5

Tourists Coming Off Plane

Shopping For Dishdashas Darth Vader’s Wife Shopping Ivan Back At Home Wearing His Stuff

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Kuwait Photos Page 5 of 5

Pretty Kuwaiti Houses

City Views City Spires from Up Close Way Above Kuwait City Hope You Enjoyed The Tour!!!… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Travel Advice and Observations — Kuwait May 1998

Kuwait City landing one should sit on the right as the city is along the water and these will be on the right both on landing and departure. Airport has been renovated and is modern, works very well and even though I had to collect my visa upon arrival (i had been e-mailed a copy of it which i showed to the immigration agent who collected the hard copy), i was out within 20 minutes.… Continue Reading →

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