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What Might Be Going on in the Middle East 24 February 2000

Seems like I’m not the only one confused these days. For the past 2 weeks, the press doesn’t make sense viz. the mideast peace process and we’re told that Barak is in stalemate with the PA and the Syrians. I visited Texas this weekend to talk with colleagues who usually know better.… Continue Reading →

10 February 2000 Two observations on late developments (Middle East / US Presidential Election Campaign)

Syria: The stalemate on all tracks is more complicated than it appears. Seems to be doing its best to convince everyone concerned that it is truly a miserable partner for peace. It is also trying to save face (as will be discussed below).… Continue Reading →

The Haider Phenomenon – An Analysis of Austria, the Holocaust, Decency & Nationalism – 10 February 2000

The tumult over the recent inclusion of Haider’s Freedom Party in Austria’s coalition government has made discussion of certain issues timely. The move to isolate Austria is yet another example of a knee-jerk shallow response to a little understood domestic situation which threatens to backfire and produce unintended consequences.… Continue Reading →

Airline Ratings Based on how much I enjoy flying that particular carrier. 36 carriers rated.

16 Air Canada 22 American 20 Air France 12 Delta — they have their act together and do a good job. Excellent first/business class. 19 United 1A Jet Blue — Live TV in seats, comfortable seating, good food, crazy about being on time.… Continue Reading →

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