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Ivan Ciment’s Passover Sermonette 2000 — 17 April 2000 God’s Place at the Seder Table

This month in Phoenix I sat at a dinner next to the head of a rabbinical cemetery (I meant seminary — just wanted to be sure you’re listening). She wanted to talk about the Bar Mitzvah ceremony. She took her son to the Canadian Rockies and was at a museum for Native Americans.… Continue Reading →

Israel Situational Bulletin — 17 April 2000 Followed by Ivan’s Passover Message on the State of Israel and American Jewry

Time to reassess assumptions.

I’ve eaten crow and admitted that we now have learned that Assad has neither the guts nor the desire to make peace with Israel, even if he’s given essentially what he asked for. Who would have thought that a rational man would turn down all those concessions — more than that he can’t get from Israel, as long as the peace he promises looks like an enema.… Continue Reading →

Middle East Situational Bulletin — 6 April 2000

I made some inquiries about this 100 meter business. here’s the exact story: Israel doesn’t need it for strategic reasons. However, I am told there is no way at all that Barak can pass a referendum or get wide support within a government for a deal that puts Syria on the Lake.… Continue Reading →

Jewish Funders Network Annual Conference Report Focusing on the Next Generation Attendees Phoenix April 1-4, 2000

This report seems at first blush to be about a parochial subject but it ain’t. If you want to know where the future funding and emotional priorities of independent Jewish philanthropy lie for the next generation, this conference gives you the guidepost.… Continue Reading →

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