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Rethinking The Jewish State for the 21st Century 19 November 2000

Over the years I have participated in several conferences in which the aims and objectives of Zionism were discussed.  I cannot say that I recall anything from these conferences which tend to degenerate into bitching sessions. This is a really abstract subject because common people do not seriously sit down and deal with this issue and have not done so for the past 50 years or so.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts – 19 November 2000

American Presidential Situation — Neither Side Wins In the End Given the split legislature we have elected, I project that Bush will be better to deal with Congress. He will seek consensus and get bills passed. Gore will be self-righteous and wind up in gridlock.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Country Ratings – Most Civilized Places 5 November 2000

27 Countries Rated based on having been visited in the past 3 years (except Egypt last visited in 1992 but which I wanted to include for context). This is a really subjective rating and it is hard to rate 27 countries.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Country Ratings: Places I’d Most Like to Return to and Enjoy Being In If I Were a Tourist… 5 November 2000 28 Countries and Territories Rated… Based on being places visited in the past 3 years. I will update this list later as more places

1. Switzerland  Quality. Places to see. Ease of tourism.

2. Vienna  Lovely and grand city kept up well; great cafes.

3. USA   Good amount of things to see; reasonable prices and ease of tourism.

4. Canada  Quebec and Montreal are charming cities with decent shopping.… Continue Reading →

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