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Revised Economist Estimates: More Bad News Coming 30 July 2001

Sorry but bad news just keeps rolling in necessitating an updated estimate corrected downward. Corporate profits are down, consumer spending is down, construction is down, corporate investment is way down, and tax cuts at a time when revenue is down because the economy is down means that the government’s surplus is in jeopardy; that means pressure on interest rates down the line.… Continue Reading →

Is Sharon Bluffing? 18 July 2001

The Israelis are positioning themselves for military action, an offensive against the PA. It could be a bluff, but Netanyahu and Barak bluffed, got called, and quickly lost all credibility and power. Sharon has too many reasons not to do so.… Continue Reading →

Why I’m Not Going to Israel This Year (and why I am going to Israel this year) and Why Last Year’s Policy Speech Is Still Correct — 8 July 2001

Today in synagogue the rabbi’s sermon, like so many other sermons I’ve been hearing lately, was about convincing people to visit Israel as a show of solidarity during these difficult times. The main arguments were (1) Israel needs our moral support; (2) Everyone agrees that Arafat is the sole cause of the problem; and (3) Our show of solidarity will “help” Israel.… Continue Reading →

Refugee Compensation and Placement 8 July 2001

This paper is probably in the category of Most Untimely Items I’ve Ever Written but it has been on the drawing board for some time and I see no reason to withhold it even though it has become a nonissue at this moment.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s List of 21 Things That Are Great About America 4 July 2001

1. Any moron can, for about $50, make a phone call and incorporate him/herself. In no other country that I know of can someone do business (and so much damage) so easily! Anyone can easily buy and sell a share in a public corporation.… Continue Reading →

A Personal Letter from Ivan 4 July 2001

Rounding off the first half of 2001, here’s a story that sorta sums up life in New York for those in my position. I had a last-minute houseguest Thursday night who came in about 11pm and asked what there was to eat.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts Update July 4, 2001

Middle East I find myself skimming the daily news more so than reading it. Nothing has happened to change my opinions that I have stated for the past half year. (I have left my 15 May article up on the site for the time being.) It is rather clear that Sharon sees no possibility of dealing with Arafat and has decided to just stall for time and turn the debate into incremental issues such as how long a cooling off period should be before talks should even begin.… Continue Reading →

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