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Ivan’s Festival of Friends Fall 2002 October / November 2002 This file will print 29 pages.

I was sitting in New York noticing that of all those in my New York directory, I hadn’t seen one person in the past year. I figured it’d be more sociable to get away for a month and see about 50 of my amigos.… Continue Reading →

Heading into the Israeli Elections…Just 12 Days to Go!

I think I am about to clean up here with just 12 days to go. Now the people that wanted to bet me bibi would win are refusing to take bets. As i forecast in my 60 day futures, barak is gaining ground at the end and mordechai is losing ground in the center as people want a winner in the first round to be put out of their misery and it is just clear that people can’t stand bibi.… Continue Reading →

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