Ivan’s Hypothetical Airline: 7 Suggestions To Improve the Industry

Isn’t the airline industry the one you love to hate? Every time you pick up the phone, you never know what price you will be quoted and how many times you will need to call till you get a “fair” fare.… Continue Reading →

One Year Budget for 24/6 Television Operation and Model Allocations Payroll (50 week year — 2 weeks of jewish holidays off air)

Technical Teams

5 camerapeople  5k per week (2 day shift; 2 evening shift; 1 night shift) 2 directors  2k per week (1 day shift; 1 evening shift) 5 graphics editors 5k per week (2 day shift; 2 evening shift; 1 night shift) Day shift is 34 hours for 10 people; 40 hours for 1 camera and 1 graphics person salaried at 1k per week.… Continue Reading →

The Case for a Jewish Television Network for NY City & Beyond: Summary and Discussion

Anyone in leadership who seriously thinks about the future of American Jewry grapples with 3 interlocking challenges: how to keep the highest number of them affiliated, informed and active. The clear trend is toward unaffiliation, apathy and evidence of disconnect from communal structures.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s “Meaning of Life” Challenge

And now, time for something Really different. Let’s talk for a minute or two about the meaning of life. Seriously. Ask the average fellow what he or she believes — for example, in a theological sense (ie: what his or her religious position is) — and very often the answer will be a statement of that which he does NOT believe (ie: Jews don’t believe in Jesus).… Continue Reading →

Passover Sermonette 20 April 2005

Notes from Rabbi Adam Mintz Passover Sermon 16 April 2005 with some comments afterward

Seder is experiential more than intellectual, because of the many inherent contradictions in the Seder’s composition. Rabbi Soloveitchik said the experience of the Seder was instrumental to his religious development, even more so than his intellectual capacity. … Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Top Ten Tips for Getting Engaged and Married and Surviving the First Year of Marriage — 9 November 2004

1. Agree to as many difficult things as possible before getting engaged so that you don’t have to agree to them afterward.

2. Spend a good deal of time alone with your future spouse to see if you really get along.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s & John’s Presidential Platforms and Messages: Which One for You? March 2004

Following is the text of a John Kerry for President brochure handed out in New York City the day before the New York primary election. The front part has his message, the back part has his platform and a list of endorsements.… Continue Reading →

List of Countries Ivan Has Visited (53) and How Often

Cyprus 4 Austria 3 Jordan 7 Argentina 2 Brazil Paraguay Japan 2 Bermuda 3 Chile England 8 Island of Jersey Hong Kong 3 Malta Turkey Syria Lebanon 2 Singapore Malaysia United Arab Emirates 3 Bahrain 2 Switzerland 7 Luxembourg 2 Egypt 2 Saudi Arabia Qatar Mexico Canada 6 Jamaica 2 Bahamas 5+ Australia 2 Germany 6 Italy 9 Monaco France 6 Costa Rica Thailand Peoples Republic of China Ireland Grand Cayman South Korea Spain 3 New Zealand Russia 4 Hungary Netherlands Belgium 2 Kuwait Sweden Finland Czech Republic Poland Israel 11 Greece 2… Continue Reading →

Your Honeymoon Suggestions for Ivan & Karen — July 2003

I would like to recommend the Galapogos (5-7 days), the Ecuadorian rain forest (3 days)and a Brazilian beach (maybe Jericoacoara, Ceará State, 4-6 days). Michael, New York

Some friends of mine went to Aruba for their honeymoon and enjoyed it  tremendously.… Continue Reading →

Passover Sermonettes 2003 15 April 2003


In the first sermonette, we look at 3 different concepts in the Bible and tie them to the Passover Story. First, the story of the Exodus as rooted in the Exodus of Abraham, itself rooted in the Creation of the World; Second, the concept of Free Will as it relates both to Pharaoh and the Garden of Eden; Third, the 4 Sons and their relationship to the consequences of aspects discussed in the first two concepts.… Continue Reading →

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