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Global Thoughts — 17 September 2009

Ah, to have a wife that is more important than you are. Karen got a blackberry this month along with increased job responsibilities and more to worry about. You notice these days at weddings and concerts, in elevators and subways,

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Great Ideas, Experiments and Failures of the Past Century Which of these ideas worked or failed and/or is the jury still out on them? Outline of a college course, conceived December 2007

Mutually Assured Deterrence vs. Armageddon Theory Bernard Francois Revel: How Democracies Perish Jeanne Kirkpatrick: Authoritarianism vs. Totalitarianism Free Markets vs. Public Goods, Protectionism and Command Economies The End of History and the Conflict of Civilizations Pan-Arabism vs. Shiite/Sunni Realities Rule

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Global Thoughts 1 April 2007

Heading into the Passover season, I have been unusually busy in the office as we have experienced a peak surge of casework like nothing we’ve ever seen. The quota of 65,000 H1 cases is utterly insufficient and will probably be

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