Global Thoughts Update…4 March 2002 Focus on Japan and the Middle East Response to comments regarding Education Reform Initiative.

If you needed proof that America is getting back to normal, the happenings of our fabulous interns from yesteryear are back in the news. This week Gary Condit was on Larry King Live and Monica Lewinsky has a TV special on HBO.… Continue Reading →

Rethinking Day School Education: New Strategies 3 February 2002

A friend of mine has 4 small kids in a Jewish day school in Manhattan. Tuition is over $50,000 a year. Since after-tax money pays for tuition here (meaning the expense is not tax deductible), that means you have to earn nearly $100,000 to pay that tuition.… Continue Reading →

Limmud 2001 Address 26 December 2001

I heard this really creative story. Engineers and accountants are each in their own groups buying tickets to get on a train. The accountants see that the engineers have bought one ticket for the 3 members of their group. The accountants wonder how they intend to get away with this.… Continue Reading →

Guest Posting: Marathoner’s Journal by Elizabeth Greenstein November 2001

Hello all!

For those of you who missed out on watching this year’s New York City marathon, all I can say is, you really missed something amazing.  It was a perfect, perfect, perfect day.  A bit warmer and sunnier than is preferred for running, but the great weather brought out even more spectators which ultimately makes it better for the runners! … Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Poll: Which One Item, if you ran out of it, would force you to go to the grocery? — 3 November 2001

There were 32 responses. If the response lists a place, it means either that the person is a national of that place or that the person has been living at least 5 years in the listed place. If the answer clearly clues to the ethnicity of the respondent, then I include it as well.… Continue Reading →

A Personal Letter written on the flight to Tel Aviv – 4 October 2001

When I arrived in Luxembourg last month, I saw a full rainbow. For me, having just come from the American cemetery and a flight just 2 days after the World Trade Center bombing, it was a sign of God’s covenant with Man after the Flood that he would not destroy the world.… Continue Reading →

Yom Kippur Message from Ivan Ciment 25 September 2001

There is a Talmudic legend that says that once upon a time the rabbis were arguing over a point of law. One rabbi said he was so sure that he was right that the heavens and angels would rumble and assent in agreement – and they did.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts: Butt-Wiping and other Major Issues 26 August 2001

This being the last weekend of my summer before I launch a new wave of travel, I thought I’d scrape the bottom of the barrel with a discussion of what might seem to be the most banal of subjects but one which affects our daily lives all over the globe, at least if you are male.… Continue Reading →

Jewish Pride Weekend

The Gays have Pride Weekend; the Blacks have something similar. Why not a Jewish Pride thing? Let’s have a big party where it’s cool to be Jewish, celebrate what we have in common and give people an opportunity to learn more about their heritage.… Continue Reading →

Zionism and Humanism In Perspective 5 August 2001

From time to time I receive complaints about what I post on from Jews who feel that I am too favorable to Arab viewpoints. From time to time I receive complaints about what I post on from Arabs who feel that I am too favorable to Israeli/Jewish viewpoints.… Continue Reading →

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