Revision on U.S. Election Prediction for 2000 — 6 March 2000 ….Now shifting to Gore to beat Bush

Tomorrow is Super Tuesday and will be decisive in determining the two candidates. so far, there is no reason to deviate from the prediction that it will be a gore/bush race and that gore has a good chance of convincing voters that bush is a lightweight who has no business being president.… Continue Reading →

22 December 1999 Jewish Week: Two Columns

Next Generation Middle Easterners: An Undiscovered Planet for American Jewry

Surprise and consternation when the late king of Jordan suddenly passed over his long-tapped heir and appointed a 36 year old unknown as his successor was the first wave of things to come.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Passover Message 1999 Dealing With Enemies: Biblical & Rabbinical Perspectives


At the Seder we act in a schizophrenic manner — first we pull out drops of wine from our cup as if to show magnanimity toward the plagued Egyptians and then later we ask God to pour out his wrath on our enemies.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Most Admired Person Alive Followup: September 1, 1999

Back in January 1999, I polled Friends of Ivan seeking nominees for the most admired person alive. If you recall, there were many different nominees but Michael Jordan and Bill Clinton stood out. I suppose that in a year Michael Jordan will fade from view and in two, so will Clinton.… Continue Reading →

Responses to Meaning of Life Challenge as of 5 June 1999

The meaning of life is…..42.

Avi & Adina Ciment with apologies to Hitchhiker’s Guide

I believe we’re here to improve the world and therefore win our return to the lost paradise (gan eden).  We can do it!

Marcus Rudelsky, Washington DC Engineer, French citizen

I’m an unbeliever.… Continue Reading →

The Meaning of Life according to Ivan Ciment — as of 5 June 1999

Remember, this stuff has changed over the past few months and will likely change again. But I put it forth (a) as an exercise to get others to think and comment about the big issues and (b) as an interesting activity that I think people should do at some point. … Continue Reading →

Results of ivan’s poll. Who living today do you admire most? January 27, 1999

I received 30 responses. “Dad” led with 4 responses; Michael Jordan came in second with 3. Seconds came in for Mandela and Bibi Netanyahu. Clinton got one vote but several people mentioned him favorably, as did God, Al Gore, the head of the CIA, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Harkin, Howard Metzenbaum, Mike Kinsley, Janet Reno, Bill Gates, Ted Kuczinsky’s (the unabomber) brother who turned him in, Richard Branson of Virgin, Helmut Kohl, and King Hussein of Jordan, a brother and mom.… Continue Reading →

Let’s Talk About Lunch 19 June 1998

Today’s calendar lists 3 people to call to talk about Lunch. Not that we actually “do” Lunch; we generally talk for about 6-12 months; I might get lucky with one of them and we’ll meet for an hour and then, even if it’s the weekend, that person will inevitably have to run back to his or her office.… Continue Reading →

Passover 1997 — Telling the Jewish Story Based on notes from a lecture given by Rabbi Lawrence Hoffman, professor of Liturgy at Hebrew Union College, New York City


Someone said prayer can be summed up in 4 words: Thank you, gimme, oops & wow!

The Siddur, our liturgy, is the one document passed along through our ages. The poor and illiterate did not own or know from bibles and talmuds.… Continue Reading →

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