Travel Notes & Collages

US Highlight Tour September 2005

View of White House from our hotel room at Hay Adams Hotel Old Executive Office Building at twilight From the roof of the Hay Adams. View from our room at Peninsula, Chicago Rooftop pool at the Peninsula Chicago’s Millennium Park More of the park 3rd floor of the Cultural Center, across from the park Navy Pier at dusk Wrigley Tower From observatory at John Hancock Tower looking north toward suburbs Looking south toward rest of downtown Merchandise mart building; once owned by JFK’s dad and one of the world’s largest buildings.… Continue Reading →

Evian, Lausanne, Geneva, Montreux, Vivey — August 2005

View from room of Royal Parc, Evian Front of Hotel Gourmet room before dinner Evian water exhibit By the lake Cathedral in town center City Hall Evian, Poop sheets for doggies Pooch-going area Hotel’s endless swimming pool Thonon by the sea (town next to Evian) Lausanne, Switzerland town center Interesting building by the lake View from lakeside Views from room at the D’Angleterre Hotel, Geneva Near town hall, Geneva Unusual Views of the major cathedral See Mrs.… Continue Reading →

France & Switzerland Visit August 2005 Evian, Lausanne, Geneva, Montreux, Vivey

If arriving Geneva, don’t exit on the French side looking for a French taxi to save money. Ask your French taxi to meet you on the Swiss side. When you exit on the French side, there is no ATM or taxi stand.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 5 August 2005 Various Thoughts; Travel Notes about Travel News Sources and Toronto/Langdon Hall visit.

Don’t you just love America….Grannies suing a video game maker over hidden sex scenes. Not that they are offended buying their grandkids games about cop-killing and car-stealing.

Global Thoughts is getting more visitors than I thought — between 2,000 and 2,500 per month are logging in from all over the world and reading all sorts of pages on this site.… Continue Reading →

Toronto & Langdon Hall July 2005

Toronto’s CN Tower from atop the Westin Hotel Couple getting married at city hall Speaker’s Corner Interior of an office building Reproduction of a building inside that building Movenpik’s Marche market in lobby of BCE Building Always something humorous in Canada… Cute window display at a tabletop store Another fun display.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 5 July 2005

Here’s a few Hints. We’re reading ads about a store called Upper Breast Side…You bring your breast, we do the rest….My wife interrupted Friday Night Dinner’s blessing over the wine to go and throw up…. It took a top doctor at Mount Sinai Hospital to calm her down after she took a few nose drops over a 3 day period and read up about the possible side effects from prolonged usage of nose drops.… Continue Reading →

Blantyre, Massachusetts June 2005

Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 1 June 2005 Israel & Germany Visit May 2005..Also some Random Comments.

You don’t have to go across the globe to get thrown for a loop. Karen was hat-shopping in an Ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in Brooklyn where girls marry at age 16 and somehow the subject came up as to whether or not Karen and I were getting married.… Continue Reading →

Mumbai, India — April 2005

Gateway to India as viewed from the Club room at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel Bombay College Jain Temple Where laundry gets done. Really. Example of older local architecture. Synagogue. Gandhi house; miniature model of his assassination. A carpet I purchased.… Continue Reading →

Singapore / April 2005

Raffles Hotel Palm Courtyard Interior courtyard A master bedroom in a suite. Views from atop the Swissotel. Example of Halal sign. Raffles Plaza shopping mall. Metro scenes with double doors. Swiping cards with laser readers. Typical bakery counter — top quality everywhere.… Continue Reading →
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