Travel Notes & Collages

Global Thoughts — 6 June 2010 Includes also travel notes Niagara Falls, Barcelona, Jerusalem

Aboard Maid of the Mist at Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

The Upper West Side is an interesting place. We went to a puppet show in Central Park this month which was a parody of several fairy tales. The Big Bad Wolf couldn’t figure out how to help the troll eat the Billy Goat Gruff so at the end he plants him a vegetable garden and the troll decides to be a vegetarian…..I don’t have to tell you how much they indoctrinate about recycling at school…

It was deja vu time all over again.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 25 April 2010

Ivan and Karen enjoying a break at Mayflower Inn in Connecticut. Scenes of a City Boy at Zabar’s Cafe. Hey ma, didya hear — Half off all blintzes! All dressed/yucked up for Passover family photos in Miami. Our in-house Yogi

Elizabeth came into our room and announced at about 10 this morning “I’ve got good news.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 27 March 2010 Political Notes; Travel Notes Mexico & Panama

The Old City restoration project in Panama City Constructing a new skyline in Panama City, Panama Ship going through locks of Panama Canal Teatro Bella Artistes in Mexico City Main post office in Mexico City historical district Ivan and Martin Arias at Tiotihucan pyramids outside Mexico City.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 3 March 2010 Includes also travel notes Nassau, Bahmas and Key West, Florida

Photos from Sunset Key Cottages in Key West, Florida

A major snowstorm sorta crept out up of nowhere this week and we stepped into a city park today that looked like a winter wonderland with people on cross-country skis. But just a few more weeks and it will be spring.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 10 January 2010 Year-End Notes, Travel to Southern California, College of Leadership

Photos mostly at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, California

Here’s something special — a 45 second video of Jeremy being very proud of himself after he climbed up on that rock you saw above all by himself. We didn’t even notice.Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 10 December 2009

The best picture this month is of Jeremy on the “can” wearing nothing but his boots (he seems to like ‘going commando’ in the house in his boots), but I’m afraid of being prosecuted for child pornography over the Internet so you’ll just have to use your imagination for that one.Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 28 October 2009

Our Little Colonialists at Williamsburg, Virginia

I went looking for sweat pants for the kids — they don’t call them that any more. Now they’re yoga stretch pants. I should have known — I went away overnight and Elizabeth said to her mother upon hearing that they would be having takeout for dinner “You order sushi and I’ll have the endamame.” At least I’m looking for dates for a chicken taijine rather than just going-out dates.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 7 July 2009 Political Notes; Family Trips to Pennsylvania; Loftus Radio Show Link

Karen recently returned from nearly a week in the Czech Republic on an international conference and I am pleased to announce that both our kids remain alive and healthy, and Elizabeth even told her mum that I did a good job.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Europe Trip Highlights June 2009

Ivan’s Europe Trip Highlights June 2009

Ersailles in the Gardens Summer Palace Wing in main chateaux with war art Place D’Concorde Paris Rooftops from Galleries Lafayette Rear of the opera house from rooftop angle Milan Duomo finally finished its renovation Villa Feltrinelli bar room Villa Feltrinelli hotel, Lake Garda, Italy tree growing in the lake lemon gardens Countess castle from somewhere in middle of Lake Garda New opera house in Copenhagen Nimb Hotel overlooking Tivoli Gardens Fountains Iceland; lunar scapes driving between airport and capital city Blue Lagoon sulphur baths A sense of humor helps get over the gloomy winters..… Continue Reading →

Europe Travel Notes — June 2009 Versailles & Paris; Milan & Lake Garda; Copenhagen & Helsingor; Iceland

At the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

For photos, link follows at the bottom of the page.

JFK to Paris-Orly airport on BA’s Open Skies all-business class airline is a great way to get to Paris on the cheap to a smaller airport.… Continue Reading →

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