Global Thoughts — 3 May 2016 including Lessons Learned at Age 50

In our Purim costumes for Papa’s 80th Birthday party

Last week I celebrated my 50th birthday. My mom stood up and said a few nice things about me and my parents gave me a fancy watch. My kids wrote me beautiful cards and we went out to dinner.… Continue Reading →

Traveling With Kids – 15 May 2008

Our little terrorist — if only they knew!

I suppose that readers of Global Thoughts must sit and wonder if I am nuts for traveling as much as we do with the kids and I must admit that sometimes we get frustrated and wonder why the hell we do this.… Continue Reading →

Karen & Ivan’s Wedding Highlights and 9 Minute Video — Posted March 2004

Karen Heilig & Ivan Ciment Married at Wyndham Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida, 9 November 2003 This page contains photos of the wedding plus links to Karen & Ivan’s Wedding Song Hit Single, the 9 minute highlight video and other special commemorative items.… Continue Reading →

Welcome to Global Thoughts!

Ivan and his wife Karen Heilig

Welcome to Global Thoughts, now in its 21st year, an advertising-free website offering Musings and Useful Advice on Current Affairs and Travel, with a very personal touch. Articles on this site are regularly visited by and circulated among a regular audience of several thousand English-speaking elites in over 50 countries.… Continue Reading →

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