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Global Thoughts — 10 December 2009

The best picture this month is of Jeremy on the “can” wearing nothing but his boots (he seems to like ‘going commando’ in the house in his boots), but I’m afraid of being prosecuted for child pornography over the Internet

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Global Thoughts — 28 October 2009

Our Little Colonialists at Williamsburg, Virginia I went looking for sweat pants for the kids — they don’t call them that any more. Now they’re yoga stretch pants. I should have known — I went away overnight and Elizabeth said

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Global Thoughts — 17 September 2009

Ah, to have a wife that is more important than you are. Karen got a blackberry this month along with increased job responsibilities and more to worry about. You notice these days at weddings and concerts, in elevators and subways,

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Global Thoughts — 16 August 2009

Images: With grandparents at Mohonk Lodge and in upstate NY;  Karen & Ivan at Basin Harbor Club in Vermont. Jeremy is now 2 years old and we had the pleasure of celebrating his birthday in upstate New York at the

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Global Thoughts — 17 May 2009

Once upon a time, the focal point of our dining room buffet was a statue Karen inherited from her late grandmother that showed a woman holding a rake; this week the focal point is an  M & M chocolate dispenser

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Global Thoughts 26 April 2009

As you can see, the most important thing that happened this past month was that Elizabeth got a scooter. Not that Jeremy was willing to be left out, as you’ve noticed. The second picture is with my mum in Miami

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