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May 2006 Notes

Elizabeth enjoying Passover in Miami Beach. Y’all come on down now… This month’s edition is dedicating to offering solutions in order to Solve Problems…. Iran…How do you get the Americans to support military action against Iran after being burned in

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IVAN CIMENT                                                                                                      ATTORNEY AT LAW 55 West 95th Street – Suite 85                                                                                Cellular  917.673.8227 New York, NY 10025                                                                                              E-Mail  ic@ciment.com EXECUTIVE SUMMARY * Bottom-line oriented visionary with solid, cutting edge business and legal experience in several industries. * Proven networker

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Global Thoughts — 5 March 2006

Helping Ivan read the newspaper preparing Global Thoughts A few weeks ago we took Elizabeth out for the first time, now that she’s had her shots. Luckily we were at a children’s department store when we realized that we had

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Global Thoughts — 7 February 2006

So far I’ve been getting more sleep than I expected; my wife has been very good to me. Still, 6 week old babies fuss and I’m home early today nursing a cold. So much the better to write to you.

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