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Thoughts — 25 September 2012

During our trip to Germany last month, our now 5 year old Jeremy wasn’t eating all that much and wasn’t pooping either. Finally, he cried out “Mommy, give me a carrot now. I want fruits and vegetables – I need

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Germany Travel Notes — September 2012

Wanted to fly the new Airbus 380. It is a big plane all right. Upstairs is all business class and first class. Downstairs the economy class is very large — Touring the airplane, Elizabeth started walking down the aisles and

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Global Thoughts — 21 August 2012

Those last two pictures are of Jeremy celebrating his 5th birthday with his “Train Cake” and Karen and I with my Great Aunt Fay at her 100th birthday party. In the “you can’t put anything past them” department — Jeremy

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