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Global Thoughts — 18 May 2015 (including Rome with Kids notes)

Bicycle for 4 in Villa Borghese Park, Rome

My son went to Gladiator School in Rome during our visit to Italy last month. He tends to talk a lot and his gladiator instructor who very much looked the part and wanted to simulate ancient Rome was having none of it.… Continue Reading →

Cuba Travel Notes — 15 May 2015

Last stop before the airport, a quick ride in a 58 year old Chevy which I virtually hijacked. Details below.

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a real adventure like this, but I anticipate that Cuba is going to change and I wanted to see it the way it is now before the cafes in the town squares become Starbucks and the historic buildings framing those intersections become Westins.… Continue Reading →

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