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Global Thoughts — 19 August 2020

  Jeremy won the award at day camp for the person most likely to win the lottery — and lose his ticket. Over the past 5 months here in Miami, I at least learned how to do decent BBQ. The

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Global Thoughts — 29 June 2020

My daughter asked me last night while I was tucking her in to put her iPad on Night setting because she did not want to be disturbed during the night.  I said why not just turn it off. She answered

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Global Thoughts — 3 June 2019

I haven’t posted anything since March and I’ve been sitting here for the first half of May drawing a blank trying to think of what to write about, but all the topics I wrote about 2 months ago are still

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Global Thoughts — 13 March 2019

We just returned from a family trip to the United Arab Emirates including Dubai, Abu Dhabi and the Empty Quarter desert, Petra and Amman in Jordan, and Rome. You can read about it in a separate posting by clicking on

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