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Travel Notes – Israel & Italy April 2012

This trip was a retracing of our honeymoon exactly 8 years prior, except this time with 2 kids in tow. First Israel for Passover, and then Italy. This edition of travel notes will emphasize the eccentricities of travel with small kids.… Continue Reading →


click here for grandparents video.

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Thoughts — 22 August 2011 including Travel to Lake Placid, NY

Jeremy’s 4th birthday party and scenes from Lake Placid Lodge, Lake Placid NY

Our kids keep surprising us. Elizabeth was at a toy store and saw an origami kit; the salesperson assumed she didn’t know what it was and told her that she wouldn’t understand it.… Continue Reading →

Thoughts — 15 April 2011 Includes Passover Thoughts and Travel Notes: New in Puerto Rico British Virgin Islands

Ivan in Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands; the Kids at Home; My father with his grandson Gavi and the just unveiled plaque in his honor at the entrance to the Miami Beach beach boardwalk.

Elizabeth at breakfast: Feed me my oatmeal…(I fed her some and stepped away)…Sit down, relax and enjoy the flight!… Continue Reading →

Thoughts — 28 June 2011 including Travel to Paris and Wyoming

Ivan in Wyoming with the view from his hotel room at right; kids at Mohonk Lodge in New York, June 2011

At the end of this month, we’re moving to a part-time nanny. Our kids will be occupied till 2pm and 4pm respectively on weekdays now….We went to see our kids in gymnastics this month.… Continue Reading →

Thoughts — 22 May 2011

Photos in North Carolina and Jeremy’s first rollercoaster ride at Sesame Place, Pennsylvania

My kids were hiding matzah around the apartment during Passover; at least I know that is the one kind of food they can hide anywhere that even the cockroaches won’t want to find and eat..Digesting matzah brings new meaning to the phrase “let my people go.” ..I was explaining the story of Passover to my kids and they know all about the bitterness of slavery of Egypt but when I told them that even after all the working that Pharaoh didn’t give them any treats, it then sunk in that this was a problem.… Continue Reading →

Planning a Round the World Trip Task List – 19 Things To Do! April 2011 (Updated since May 2001; now we don’t buy film anymore or take the VOA on shortwave)

1. Schedule flights and cities. is a great place to check scheduling information as is Make sure contacts will be around in the places you are visiting. I always choose the schedules (because flights are not always available) and, then make sure people are around, and then plan the details.… Continue Reading →

March 2011 Family Mix 003

March 2011 Family Mix 006 March 2011 Family Mix 008 March 2011 Family Mix 033 April 2011 NC 75 Birthday 007 April 2011 NC 75 Birthday 004 April 2011 NC 75 Birthday 026 April 2011 NC 75 Birthday 019… Continue Reading →

Thoughts with a Focus on Egypt — 6 February 2011

You know you have kids when the only movies in your Netflix queue are kids stuff; kids are “what do you do for me NOW, not yesterday or later”. You are thrilled when your kid comes in and says “I did pee pee all by myself” as opposed to you worrying about an accident…We took our kids to a kiddie opera version of the Marriage of Figaro.… Continue Reading →

Thoughts and Year End Predictions– 15 January 2011 Includes travel notes on Sydney Australia, Auckland New Zealand and Honolulu, Hawaii

Polynesian village in Hawaii; various Hawaii, New Zealand and Australia including Elizabeth’s 5th birthday, sketching the Sydney Opera House and the actual view from Four Seasons Hotel.

We just came back from 3 weeks in Australia, New Zealand and Hawaii. You might recall that Karen is Australian and that our kids have Australian passports.… Continue Reading →

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