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Global Thoughts — 12 August 2013

My son wanted a playdate with a kid in the neighborhood that he remembered from day camp last summer. It’s been a year and we made a few inquiries and hadn’t heard back from the parent. Karen was thinking that the parents just weren’t interested in us.… Continue Reading →

Thoughts — 28 June 2013 (Including Travel Notes: Scotland and Outside Dublin)

This month’s edition starts off with more than normal family-oriented stuff because I have some good stories.

This week our kids started Summer Day Camp. It is a real right of passage — they are now out of the house every day from 8am to 5pm and come home exhausted.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 21 February 2013 — Skiing and Tubing

Yup, that’s your fearless leader coming down the mountain!

This month my kids have been more interesting than world events.

We traveled to Nassau and the Atlantis water park during the February school break. Jeremy was running through the whole park looking for the kids Splash Zone and then he saw it, and then you could imagine his chagrined face when he arrived to see a big yellow barrier around the whole pool because it was under renovation the previous several weeks. … Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 22 January 2013

We got this construction set by Mobilo, a nice German toy. Jeremy keeps showing me and everyone else how to put together anything. He is a very good engineer in the making. Elizabeth and I spent this past weekend in Miami visiting the grandparents and her cousins, some of whom were visiting from LA.… Continue Reading →

Family Vacation Compendium — As at 4 December 2012

There are few ideas I have that I don’t see in print somewhere. But I’ve tried hard looking for a book about upscale family vacations, and I haven’t found any. Here, based on my experience so far, is a list of highly recommended family holidays with a few remarks about each.… Continue Reading →

Musings – Where I Would Like to Live – 4 December 2012

30 years ago I left Miami Beach at the end of 11th grade while my father was mayor of the city, and I couldn’t imagine life anywhere other than Miami Beach. I was brought up in a house where my parents preached to anyone who would listen that Miami Beach was the greatest place in the whole wide world.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts – 4 December 2012 (includes travel notes Jerusalem, Madrid, Tampa FL)

This posting is a combination of stuff written in November and early December. There was a delay while this site was relaunched over the past month.

Today (November 9), I’m sitting on a flight from Madrid to NYC and I’m feeling like I’ve done this before (because I have).… Continue Reading →

Thoughts — 25 September 2012

During our trip to Germany last month, our now 5 year old Jeremy wasn’t eating all that much and wasn’t pooping either. Finally, he cried out “Mommy, give me a carrot now. I want fruits and vegetables – I need to poop.” A day later he reported “Good News, I finally pooped.”

Recently he went out with our new nanny who had forgotten where the fish market was.… Continue Reading →

Germany Travel Notes — September 2012

Wanted to fly the new Airbus 380. It is a big plane all right. Upstairs is all business class and first class. Downstairs the economy class is very large — Touring the airplane, Elizabeth started walking down the aisles and then stopped saying, “I get the idea.” It is quieter on this plane which means your kids seem louder.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts — 21 August 2012

Those last two pictures are of Jeremy celebrating his 5th birthday with his “Train Cake” and Karen and I with my Great Aunt Fay at her 100th birthday party.

In the “you can’t put anything past them” department — Jeremy was eating a sugary cereal at his grandparents house and at the breakfast table they were commenting about how he doesn’t get it at home.… Continue Reading →

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