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Great Ideas, Experiments and Failures of the Past Century Which of these ideas worked or failed and/or is the jury still out on them? Outline of a college course, conceived December 2007

Mutually Assured Deterrence vs. Armageddon Theory Bernard Francois Revel: How Democracies Perish Jeanne Kirkpatrick: Authoritarianism vs. Totalitarianism Free Markets vs. Public Goods, Protectionism and Command Economies The End of History and the Conflict of Civilizations Pan-Arabism vs. Shiite/Sunni Realities Rule

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Global Thoughts — 10 December 2007

Sorry I haven’t written in a while but I’ve been out and about trying to get new material for Global Thoughts. Went around the world and took a few side trips. This has been my first full weekend at home

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Global Thoughts — 7 October 2007

Helping write this month’s Global Thoughts? This may be a month where short is sweet. We have just completed the cycle of Jewish holidays and are looking forward to some family holiday time as Karen moves into the latter part

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Global Thoughts — 3 September 2007

Jeremy joins the crew. As you’ve heard, Elizabeth Regina got a new baby brother, Jeremy Robert. It’s been a bit of an adjustment. She has been trying to collapse out his pack ‘n play from the bottom and throw things

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Global Thoughts 1 August 2007

Our little Elizabeth Regina, now 19 months old, is enjoying her final days of being the only child and has no idea what’s coming. We are expecting our second child any day now. This past Sunday she took her first

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