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Global Thoughts — 6 June 2008

This week Karen went to Germany for business for 5 days and I have been playing single parent getting up at 5:45am with the kids and putting them to bed at 8 and then staying home alone afterward, grounded as

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Traveling With Kids – 15 May 2008

Our little terrorist — if only they knew! I suppose that readers of Global Thoughts must sit and wonder if I am nuts for traveling as much as we do with the kids and I must admit that sometimes we

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Global Thoughts — 12 May 2008

On family holiday at the Grove Park Inn at Asheville, North Carolina. For more photos, go to the bottom of this page. Home Sweet Home — We had a nice holiday in North Carolina and my little girl continues to

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Global Thoughts — 16 April 2008

This morning my daughter Elizabeth started wheeling Jeremy in a dump truck toward the front door. Where are you going, I asked? To the supermarket, she said. So my 2 year old is already dumping boys. This week she had

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Global Thoughts — 15 March 2008

Our family was vacationing in Bermuda on the grass between our hotel room and the beach when my wife suggested we go under a tree to take a family picture. My daughter ran off in the other direction. And then

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Global Thoughts — 7 February 2008

Jeremy, our little peacenik 6 months old today, says Give Peas a Chance. After Super Tuesday, the prospects are that either Clinton, Obama or McCain will be the next president. Bloomberg is presumably staying put since he and McCain would

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