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Ivan’s Zit Free Tip Sheet 14 April 2003

I’ve been running a good track record in this area the past few months, so I figured I’d share the wealth and post what works for me on Global Thoughts. This, along with Ivan’s Packing List, could become the most

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Mama Mia — Ivan Ciment is Engaged!

Last night, from centerstage at Broadway’s Winter Garden Theater, home of the show “Mama Mia,” Karen Heilig accepted Ivan Ciment’s proposal of marriage. Playing on the show’s signature song “Dancing Queen,” Ciment asked Heilig to be his “Real Life Queen.”

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Cayman Islands January 2003

Flight from Miami is just over 1 hour; there are several a day and they are running full. Hotels are about 10 minutes by taxi costing about $20; taxis here are priced very high. Hyatt upgraded me to their concierge

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