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Ivan’s Predictions for 2007 3 January 2007

What will she think of next? And other 2007 Predictions. All in all, I’m not expecting lots of stuff to happen in 2007 in the ordinary course of business unless something really crazy happens out of the blue. Stock Markets

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Notes from Limmud Conference 2006

The Limmud conference attracts about 2,300 people from 30 countries and meets in Nottingham England for 5 days during Christmas week. For details, go to limmud.org.  Gershon Baskin, CEO of Israel-Palestine Center for Research and Information….Been dealing with lots of

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Global Thoughts 13 November 2006

Touchdown for University of Pennsylvania! (Elizabeth at Penn Homecoming Weekend) I traveled business class to Los Angeles this month; all the airlines serve vanilla ice cream for dessert. Are we that boring a country or does everyone really love vanilla

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