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Middle East Update – 31 January 2000

I have reviewed my notes of commentaries written in August, November and December 1999 with regard to the Middle East peace process. I feel no need to adjust these forecasts. If anything, I am a bit surprised at how fast

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22 December 1999 Jewish Week: Two Columns

Next Generation Middle Easterners: An Undiscovered Planet for American Jewry Surprise and consternation when the late king of Jordan suddenly passed over his long-tapped heir and appointed a 36 year old unknown as his successor was the first wave of

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Middle East Situation Bulletin 17 November 1999

I haven’t written on the subject since mid-August and that is because  just about everything I wrote at that time still stands. Nothing has  happened to change my opinion. Just a few points as to recent  developments because things are

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