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Global Thoughts — 4 January 2006

As you’ve heard this month…and baby makes 3. Since she is Daddy’s Little Girl she came to life 37 minutes ahead of schedule.  So far, it’s not really that big a deal. After all, I’m not the one trying to

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December 2005 Edition Global Thoughts

Sometimes they DO listen to me….As Karen and I move in toward the homestretch (D-date is 22 December), she went on a shopping spree with her mother-in-law to start buying baby outfits. After half an hour cooling her heels in

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Global Thoughts — 7 November 2005

Last night Karen could hardly contain herself as I tried to collapse a stroller at one of those baby-oriented superstores. In one of those rites of passage, we were out preparing our list of things to buy when boo-boo comes

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