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So you’re wondering what’s going on over here, right? clinton is up; gingrich is out and the markets are exuberant again. a bit of a surprise to us too. I was in jerusalem and it was the rosh hashana holiday

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IDEA FARM SENIOR MANAGEMENT AND ADVISORY BOARD The Management Team is comprised of a group of highly experienced managers, with numerous years of global operating experience in multi-cultured environments. Fortunately, or un-fortunately, depending on one’s perspective, our management team is

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Idea Farm

Idea Farm is a temporary project name (a brand name has been commissioned from a multi-national branding company) for a multi-national conglomerate of companies to be established over the next 18 months in about a dozen first-tier developing countries. At

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Global Thoughts — 3 May 2004

So how’s married life? Everybody keeps asking. My friend in Jerusalem gave me a great answer – it hurts my teeth. Means nothing, but it stops anyone asking in their tracks. Actually, it hurts my neck. I’m sleeping less than

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