World Issues

Global Thoughts 1 April 2007

I love my Mum’s Banana Cake! Shopping!!! Sunday in the Park Gonging in the Troops at Ivan’s Office

Heading into the Passover season, I have been unusually busy in the office as we have experienced a peak surge of casework like nothing we’ve ever seen.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts 5 March 2007

3 Ciment Brothers Holding Boo-Boos

I don’t have that many exciting thoughts this month. At home we are just holding the fort steady as Karen continues along her pregnancy and Elizabeth takes her first walks around the house; my office is much busier than usual as H1B filings spike going into March and April.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts 7 February 2007

Elizabeth’s first gelato…Miami Beach 29 January 2007.

Some exciting news on the personal front — Karen and I are expecting our second kid the first week in August. We hope to be a Family of Four. That means that sometime soon you won’t just be seeing pictures of Elizabeth Regina.… Continue Reading →

Ivan’s Predictions for 2007 3 January 2007

What will she think of next? And other 2007 Predictions.

All in all, I’m not expecting lots of stuff to happen in 2007 in the ordinary course of business unless something really crazy happens out of the blue.

Stock Markets — I am not going to buck conventional wisdom here.… Continue Reading →

Countdown to World War III? Address to Limmud Conference 25 December 2006, University of Nottingham, England.

This conference attracts about 2,300 people from 30 countries for 5 days during Christmas week. For details, see

Conference Handbook Summary: This summer’s Lebanon campaign jiggled pieces on the global Risk board. Who won and does the winner laugh last?… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts 13 November 2006

Touchdown for University of Pennsylvania! (Elizabeth at Penn Homecoming Weekend)

I traveled business class to Los Angeles this month; all the airlines serve vanilla ice cream for dessert. Are we that boring a country or does everyone really love vanilla ice cream?… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts October 2, 2006

Free Formula at my Crib, YEAH, BABY!

New York City is a place where it seems that there is a lot of variety but really often you are looking at the same stuff just all over the place. The guy I want to be in New York is the Panini Man.… Continue Reading →

Global Thoughts 21 August 2006 Countdown to World War III

Little Elizabeth is starting to babble this month. When I can figure out what she is saying, I’ll let you know in Global Thoughts. Perhaps it is better than my adult babbling….

I was visited this past month by my niece from Australia and her mother.… Continue Reading →

Update…Middle East Situation July 26, 2006

I’ve been to Beirut twice and driven on the road to Damascus, so I know the sites I’m watching this week on TV. I’ve walked with my Lebanese friend on the pier in Beirut looking at the endless cranes rebuilding the city amid the rubble of the war in the 1980’s and we really did think all this crap was behind us.… Continue Reading →

Update…Middle East Situation July 12, 2006

I’ve been calling around today to get a feel for what’s going on. As you presumably know, beyond the events transpiring in Gaza, Hizbullah made a raid into Israel from Lebanese territory, took 2 soldiers captive, and the Israeli army has gone into Lebanon and is calling up reserves.… Continue Reading →

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