World Issues

Clinton Outlook, Turkish Pipeline & Middle East October 1998

so you’re wondering what’s going on over here, right? clinton is up; gingrich is out and the markets are exuberant again. a bit of a surprise to us too.

i was in jerusalem and it was the rosh hashana holiday when cnn was showing the video tapes of clinton’s grand jury appearance.… Continue Reading →

An Essay Reflecting on The Longer Term American Foreign Policy Re-Think 4 September 1998

Are we better off now than we were 7 years ago? No more USSR? What about the idea of helping our enemy’s enemy? Have we been burned by doing so? Has the U.S. benefitted or injured itself and the world at large by both acting and failing to act with regard to changes in the world such as the fall of communism and now the chaos in Russia?… Continue Reading →

A Twenty-Something View of the Middle East: Existential Threats to Nations Come Not From Legendary Bogeymen December 1995

SUMMARY: Elite Generation X Arabs and Jews are surprisingly forward-thinking, non-ideological and willing to challenge old assumptions. Israelis and Arabs suffer from misconceptions about each other due to the lack of positive encounters, differing backgrounds and the baggage of occupation and thus fail to recognize shared traumas and areas of common ground.… Continue Reading →

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